Friday, December 20, 2013

Welcome to the Year-END!

That title sounds like a sadistic roller coaster. I apologize.
Or at least it does in my head.

So it's been two months since my trip to Africa, Thanksgiving has come and gone, my friend's wedding is tomorrow, and Christmas is days away... Naturally, all I want to do is sleep. 
This is how holidays should be spent. In bed.

With catching up with work and life, we are now approaching the end of month two in my attempt to finish "The Wise Man's Fear," WHICH is an excellent book, it's just long. TIME. WHERE YOU GO THESE DAYS? Peter understands how I feel.

So I'm in the process of moving. And instead of packing up all my belongs efficiently and moving them in a orderly fashion, I tend to get distracted and reminiscent- when I really should throw most of it away since, because if I'm going to be real, I haven't touched it in years... or even knew I still owned half the things stored in my closet. 
This could be a quick and painless process, or I could play with all the things I find. 
I think we all know what will happen. Maybe I can be all packed up before spring. 
Just kidding. Goal is New Years.

I have rekindled the disease known as the travel bug and search for new adventures around every corner.

New Years comes after Christmas. Hopefully it will be an evening full of good choices.

Those are my thoughts for now. Peace.

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