Friday, April 19, 2013

I like big books and I cannot lie.

I do this thing.
I can't help myself.
I read books in series.
And sometimes the series are not finished yet.
But I canNOT just forget about it because it's not finished.
So I read. And sometimes I get a little invested.
Me after the book cover/ title for the next book is released:
Then the excitement wears off and I am forced to wait in AGONY.
Me a couple days before the book release:
I tell myself to not rush reading the book in one day... Come on, Katie, get it together:
You know... let the enjoyment last longer than however many hours it takes to read the entire book.
But this is me while I'm reading:
Then I wake up the next morning and it's all over
Then I remember what I read, and I totes wake up
I calmly process it.
Though, I may fangirl freak out a bit
I allow myself a short celebration if/when the devil of an author has finally allowed my favorite characters to be happy for a short time before screwing them over again.
Then I realize that the book is over. 
And the waiting commences again.

That is how I feel about reading. Clearly there are a lot of feels.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Sister the Villain, the Ragamuffin

Now I have always loved going to plays. I was a theater critic in high school. But Shakespeare was never really my jam. I enjoyed Shakespeare yes, but I'd have much rather have seen an Oscar Wilde than a Shakespearean comedy.

This changed about 4 years about when my sister began her journey to become, in my opinion, one of the most fantastic Shakespearean actress ever.

Hyperbole, you say? 
I promise you, nay.

Last night my family and I laughed so hard our stomachs hurt as we watched my sister play not only a brilliant Don John in "Much Ado About Nothing," but changed all our minds about how we felt about the character Dogberry. Essentially he went from my least favorite character to my most favorite, and the most difficult question at the end of the night was which one of Marianne's characters did we like better?

Utilizing her crutches like a boss... Don John

Dogberry, chosen for the Prince's Watch,
apprehending the two auspicious persons

Let it be recorded I am an ass... and as pretty a piece of flesh as any in Messina

After the show!

Other roles:
Dromio in Comedy of Errors

Viola in Twelfth Night

And countless others including...

Midsummer's Night
Annie Get Your Gun

Shakespeare Summer Camp: Where they do all the plays

Not to mention...

The Bard Himself.

Just kidding, this was Halloween. But how many cool high schoolers dress up like the Bard or Lady Mac for Halloween? Isn't she just the coolest person you ever did read about?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where is your partner in crime?

Recently I have taken on a couple new roles: caregiver, food preparer, and errand-girl. It is a lot more taxing than I had originally imagined. (My mom and sisters got in an accident on their way back from Florida and I have taken off work (partially) to help out around the house and assist in movements.) The only person who benefits from this arrangement is my six-month y/o dog, who usually spends hours in her cage while I work. Instead she gets to hang out with our family dog creating havoc.
Today, however, I got to be the troublemaker. As anyone with a pet can probably tell you, dogs (and cats) do not like the Demon Sweeper. Bringing said Demon Sweeper into the room is cause for barking, attacking, fleeing, and jumping around the room. Then, you turn on the Demon Sweeper and all goes to hell. In my dogs defense, I may have enjoyed her reaction so much, I *may* have chased her with the sweeper hose. Needless to say, sweeping the carpets is my new favorite activity.

My high school friend/ dog park buddy, Elton, and I.
Yeah you read right. Sir Elton freaking John. FTW.
Now that Spring has arrived, my second favorite activity is finally possible again: the dog park. I *love* going to the dog park. I know I have mentioned my love for the dog park in one of my previous blogs, so I shan't bore you but all days are better after a jaunt at the dog park. My good friend from high school goes with me occasionally and has introduced me to my next favorite thing: The Gentle Leader. Ermagerd. It's like horse muzzle, but for dogs, and my brother-in-law also LOVES it. It makes taking my barrel of a dog on walks *so much* more pleasant. Like times a billion. No darting away. No ripping your arm off. Ah, it's great.

But no day is really complete without a trip to everyone's favorite workout gym. A day in which Sexy Trainer Man:
This is clearly not Sexy Trainer Man, but this is Trish and
 she's more motivational anyway. Also when I said she looked
like Arnold Schw. from the 80s, I was not kidding.
a) waved to say hello,
b) remembered my name, and
c) asked where my partner in crime was tonight.
I thought YES. Sexy Trainer Man is talking to me and finally acknowledging us after two months of refusing to remember our names. But this excitement wore off as I realized that the real reason he was asking was because the workout we were doing tonight a) required a partner, and b) we had an odd number of people come to class tonight.
Guess who didn't have a partner?
(And it's that awkward moment when even Gary, the creepy guy, who told you you were fit and looked like a gazelle, has a partner and you don't.)
All was not completely lost. While he did make me do most of the partner exercises alone he did take pity on my and partnered up with me for three of the workouts. But then again he also left me doing plank for the longest time. He's a winner for sure. The woman trainer is better.
Man I miss my Acroyoga. Unfortunately the class got cancelled due to the fact that only I showed up most the time with perhaps one other person. Usually I brought that other person. BUT STILL. Moment of silence.

Proudest moment of the week: A friend told me I am the tannest she has seen me ever. Granted the tan is kinda pinky, but I'll take it. FRECKLES UNITE!

That is all for now.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Day

Happy April Fools Day!
And a very happy fictional birthday to Fred and George Weasley.

Spring is still playing a pretty nasty joke on the Midwest by refusing to warm up. I don’t appreciate it. The last couple days I have been in Florida to celebrate Easter with my parents and two of my sisters. The weather was cool but the sun was warm. I got a pretty awkward burn on my right side my first day down while I was talking to my cousin by the pool, but at least I got some color right?

I wish I could say this picture was an April Fools joke.
It is not.
It has been an extremely relaxing weekend. I brought some work down, and touched absolutely none of it. I got about a third of the way through my book, and had many a siesta was followed by a fiesta.

Today is April Fools day: I got three text messages.
1) My older sister, who has been watching the dogs, informed me there were no accidents this weekend.
2) My friend got a job.
3) My friend, who just got engaged, confirmed a tentative time we can indeed have dinner and catch up.

Woohoo's! were sent to all three. Then I saw on my phone: sent on April 1st. 

So far Number 2 is false.

I'm still holding out that 1 and 3 are still good.