Friday, July 18, 2014

I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then

Welcome to Volume 2 of 7 Quick Takes Friday

ONE: Music

I really love music. It makes my day so much more: enjoyable, relaxing, and fun. Quite recently I improved my work space by approximately two gillion with music. How, you ask? Let me tell you. 
Now for quite some time, I have had a Sara Bareilles Pandora station I listen to at work. It was good, but after a while it was not so good at shuffling. UNTIL I discovered the "add variety" tab. You add Billy Joel to that baby and it becomes the most delightful mix you ever did hear. 
This I swear by all that is good and wonderful in the world...
Shameless GHB plug. Click the link to jam to the song of her life.
TWO: Gatlinburg
I had never been to Gatlinburg. I was all prepared for a dozen moonshine places and touristy t-shirts, but what did I really see dozens of? Pancake houses. Don't ask me why. But there were.

Ellen and I had a lot of fun :D

Before climbing Mt LeCompte
Conqueress of the Mount

After sunrise

Right before the trek back down
We found the falls

THREE: My life still feels a bit like a snarky Woody Allen film.

You're a beautiful human being. A credit to your race.

FOUR: Orange is the New Black
So season two aired a little while back and it's pretty good. (I have mixed feelings about the series in general, because I read the memoir first and the artistic changes they have make are weird. Also Piper is a wholly unlikable to me.) However, I do enjoy the background stories they give for the other inmates. Lorna Morello and Ms. Rosa are my favorites. And sometimes the dialogue just hits you, it's so perfect. As is the theme song.

And Ms Rosa has the best one liners

FIVE: Orphan Black

And not to sound like I need more hobbies, I'd also like to take this moment to endorse Orphan Black. I'll let Rolling Stones tell you about it, they do it so well: It is a "fast-paced, Canadian sci-fi series about clones that airs on BBC America in the United States. But you've probably heard about its star Tatiana Maslany, who is tasked with playing a sextet of different characters, each with their own unique mannerisms, personalities and skills. From an upper-middle class soccer mom to a trained assassin, Maslany gives not one mesmerizing performance but six – sometimes playing complex scenes against numerous versions of herself. (And we haven't even mentioned Jordan Gavaris, who nails the sidekick/guy Friday role.) While the show is steeped in science fiction, there's nothing supernatural about it – the characters are grounded in reality, which makes it all the more engaging."

GUYS IT'S SO GOOD. Check out Tatiana. She's so amazeballs.

SIX: Visits from the Past

After driving to Nashville to see her wedding, my oldest friend and neighbor behind and to the left visited and we had a fabulous night catching up at the Hofbraeuhaus!!


I'm excited. To say the least. And I will spend it with my whole family, include Princess Grace, Conqueress of Gooseberry Isles,  Guide through darkness and fog, and Defender of the Toothbrushes.

Elektra will also be experiencing her first body of water. It's going to be an adventure for sure. 
Ciao, people!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sketchy and the Suit

So I had a really weird day at work this week. My sister, who comes with me to work, has to get something out of my car and notices that there was a man and a woman on a motorcycle taking pictures of my license plate. We go to the window to check it out and they are still there, just loitering, parking next to my car, then pulling out but still relatively behind/ close to it. Weird, right?
So one of my coworkers says, Well maybe it's one of those people who photograph license plates in parking lots in an effort to locate repossessed cars or something. Regardless, I decide I should go down and ask why they are taking pictures of my plate.
So I get down there and ask them what they are doing. The dude stares at me, revs his engine, tells me he was taking pictures of my parking spot, and floors it out of the parking lot. It was the strangest thing.

And yes I did illustrate that story using Nigh Vale podcast tweets, not even remotely ashamed for sharing.

Then that same day a woman shows up asking for a CPA who doesn't work here, says he told her they were meeting at our office... We tell her there's no one here of that name but sure enough some Suit is in our conference room holding a meeting. Said Suit begins meandering around the office. I offer assistance. I ask him who he's with- and if he's with the guy in our other conference room who shows up pretty regularly even though I don't know why. Mr. Suit indignantly tells me he is not and his company rents our conference room twice a week, and when I have worked here long enough I should be able to know this. Um, rude.
But having worked for the family business for the past ten years, I can tell you that I did not to respond in the manner I should wish to, telling him where he could go and whatnot.
Eventually I did find out who he was. And he *is* with the same company as the guy in the other conference room. Who don't pay rent. I know this because I'm the accountant. 
I don't know what it is about people thinking they can be rude to me just because I handle the grunt work. I'm going to have to start charging them rent now.
And they can see how that feels.

I look forward to the tears.