Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Prelim-Bachelor(ette) Tourney

Sometimes I tell myself I am going to do something, like blog the day after I throw my best friend a prelim-bachelorette party, and then I wake and it's all:
NOPE! Back to bed!
Oh, Katie from yesterday, you are so funny.
So here we are, a week+ later.

Let be known: I throw a damn fine party.

So my best friend is getting married. And it's all very exciting. Her co-MOHs are throwing her a bachelorette party up in Dayton, but we, the foxy ladies of Cincinnati, decided we should throw our dear Bride to Be a prelim-bachelorette party consisting of sashes, costumes, thai food, and bar hopping.

Then the Best Man hears about our shenanigans and decides that they too are going to travel to Athens and have their own prelim-bachelor party at Palmer Fest.

And at this point the whole situation is kind of getting out of control, but the amusement does not really begin until I get a text morning of from the Bride to Be informing me that are losing to the boys. Her fiance is three shots in and already dancing on the tables with beer. This was at 11am. The time that he claimed he was going to be studying for his step twos. Solid studying happening at Palmer Fest, I tell you.
I also stole this fantastic quote off the faceyspace: "My name is Derek and I'm a doctor. What you need, sir, is a prescription for more bitches."
Derek, ladies and gentlemen.

And while it may seem that we were losing, I tell you nay. Game freaking on. Challenge heard and accepted. They may have had a head-start, but allow me to show you *some* of the fun stuff I had hidden up my sleeve for us:

Number 1: How many of you gals out there would be frightened of this text message? : "Hey I found the perfect outfit for you! It's a mixture of Belle and a fairy princess... Currently looking for a tiara."
It's not like this was a Halloween costume when I was 10 or anything. Our little bride said it was cool as long I as I didn't put pictures on facebook. No worries. I did just that.
What a champ.

Number 2: Sashes. Why should the bride be the only one to have a sash et moniker? I decided we all needed one.
Air Force Hottie, Fun-Size, Bride to Be, Ex-Fiancee, and Mrs Iron Chancellor
There was extra ribbon, so Heidi joined the party too.
And along the way, we did make friends with a Bachelor Party. And even though we had to explain to them what a moniker was, they did buy us all shots, so we decided they were alright. We also got a free bottle of champagne from that same bar, so I think we have decided we should always wear sashes when we go out. We're making it a thing.

Number 3: These cookies.

Number 4: Fun-Size kept Instagramming the night and we sent them to Derek.

Perhaps a note for the last bar we were at: "Mozzarella" is spelled like so.

Shortly after leaving the bar, the Best Man informed us that the Bachelor was lost up in Athens so a lot of phone calls were made by the Bride to Be demanding that he "better not be dead."

And, Number 5: The after the bar, bridal games were played.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Right before Mrs Iron Chancellor takes a doosey.
Also you may have noticed a change in clothes. That happened after I spilled red wine all over my dress. But right before I spilled another drink on my computer...
The Bachelor was found around 5am. 
Apparently, he was sleeping. I may be biased but I think the girls won this tourney for sure.

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