Friday, May 9, 2014

Does he really think big emotions come from big words?

Welcome to Volume 1 of 7 Quick Takes Friday

I hope everyone who is reading this is having an absolutely phenomenal day. I realized recently that I haven't been keeping up with my blog as much as I used to, so I found this excuse creator to explain my absence:

Pretty much all of them work.

The Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappucino is back at Starbucks!! It's the single greatest drink in the world. I promptly expect to commence gaining 50 lbs. Totally inevitable. Especially since they are opening up a Starbucks right next to my work. It's a seasonal drink, so drink up before it leaves... At least that's what I plan on doing.
Wedding season is upon a lot of us. And I feel compelled to dedicate a point to Wedding Etiquette. A friend of mine and his roommate were invited to a wedding and a disagreement was had in regards to the topic of receiving a plus one. As someone who has helped plan a wedding and been involved the the planning of others, this is something I feel strongly about: just because you have a significant other, does not mean you deserve, or are entitled to, a plus one. Married couples, partners and friends with fiance(e)s are people who should receive a plus one.

And for God's sake, don't have your mother call the bride's future mother in law to tell the bride that you deserve a plus one because you have a girl friend. Congratulations on having a girl friend, now be an adult and don't cause unnecessary stress.

And also, furthermore, show up to a wedding you RSVP'd for... with your plus one.

Because let me tell you, when the bride ain't happy, ain't anybody happy.
::steps off her soap box::
^^ Happy bride makes for a happy day, I tell you ^^
And now enjoy this honest wedding invitation

Last month I took my first trip to NOLA with my mom to visit my sister, brother in law and niece. We ate brownies, watched Disney, played Pictionary, and tried beignets- I only say "try" because after waiting in line for a half hour at the French Quarterfest, William only bought three beignets to share between the four of us in an effort to "save us from ourselves." They were quite frankly the most delicious things ever. I did not wish to be saved. All in all, a very wonderful trip.
At the French Quarterfest
By the Mississippi River. Grace fell asleep waiting for beignets.

And keeping with the theme of reunions, Team Badass was reunited for the first time in three years the week after I returned from NOLA.

Naturally I bought shirts in NOLA to commemorate the occasion. Unfortunately, we did not think to stand in the right order. But yes we did leave the house like that, and yes it was awesome. We spent 95% of the weekend eating food #1 and #2 cannot eat in Pittsburgh or Seattle and by the end of the weekend I was so full I thought I would never eat again but it was delicious.

After sending me a series of bad taxidermy pictures, a friend of mine moved on to pictures of funny adult onesies. To which I decided he needed one.
Then I decided I needed one.

And I decided it's not really threatening when you're absolutely serious about following through with what you plan. The one thing I wanted was we recreate one of the photos he sent me.

I think we did a good job. We were Tiggers.
Because Tiggers are wonderful things.
It also came complete with a hood and tail. Overall: Success.

And lastly my niece recently turned seven months. Little Lefty Baldwin is growing up. And Mother's Day is this Sunday. My sister's first. How exciting. I will now leave you with adorable pictures of Grace Harriet.
That's my girl. Starting in on the beer early.
Can we all note, GH still has that binky in her mouth against all odds

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Can we all note that Will is rocking a beer, a (tennis racket?) case, and a baby.