Friday, March 8, 2013

My butt hurts

As I sit, I hurt.
Everything is sore.
What is going through my head at boot camp? 
Recently, I have taken to going to this boot camp pretty much every day. I go to a boot camp because I do not hate myself enough to go through this torture alone. Just take a look at my college years, I had state of the art facilities for 4.5 years, did I use them? Hell no. Exercising hurts. But when people are suffering *with* you, it doesn't seem so bad. 
Pain 101: learned in high school. I will put myself through pain only if you also put yourself through pain in the same way.
So I grab some weights, do whatever we are doing, and proceed to modify when wimpy.
"Come on, Katie! You can do better than that!"
I coooould but then it would hurt.... But since you're yelling this in front of everyone, I suppose I can. 
Sometimes I do it right, and sometimes I fall over. We win a few, we lose a great deal of them, but it's all supposed to be (and albeit, mostly is) fun.
One of the trainers is also exceptionally good looking, so I'd be lying, if I said that wasn't a motivating factor at 6am.
I'm getting real close to being able to do a real push up and not just a girlie one. Real close but not there. It's the getting back up which seems to be causing my arms some difficulty.
But the best is when the trainer, who was, I kid you not, a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80's (with pictures everywhere to prove it), comes up to me every couple days and asks me if I started the diet she sent me yet. Does just coming to boot camp count? Because then yes. Otherwise I think you missed some food on the diet plan; no where do I see Girl Scout Cookies or Indian food.

This blog was brought to you with the help of Jennifer Lawrence. Because I love her. 
And she is so gifable.

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