Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Travels with friends: Munich

So if you have not heard of the Autobahn, it is a highway in  Germany with no median and the cars travel about 120 mph. Unfortunately, this is also roughly how Germans drive on side roads as well. Speed limits are not a thing. 

One sunny day in June, a couple of friends and I decided to bike to and around Munich from our rural little apartment (courtesy of our landlords). And, as previously stated, since there were no sidewalks to ride on, one must share the rode with the cars- passing you, I kid you not, at the highest of speeds. So much so, that there were multiple times in which we thought we might witness an accident due to the car passing us while passing other cars- only giving about 3 feet between each one.

After biking up and down Mt Kilimanjaro, we finally made it to the S-Bahn station- only stopping for ice cream once on our way there. Once in downtown Munich, we spent the rest of the day biking through the Englischer Garten, taking pictures of the ducks and watching people surf the Eisbach, a freezing stream. We legitimately saw a man jump in with a beer and coast down the stream just to ice it. Ah, Germany.

The S-Bahn in the evening was super crowded, and I am pretty sure it was illegal to have our bikes with us, but we made it home without too much incident. Upon arriving home, tired and ready to just go to bed, one of our landlords ran out to meet us with a colander of freshly picked strawberries and homemade marmalade. (Cue Alice in Wonderland music: "For me?!" "For you!") And then, after seeing us in our sad, sad state, gave us this nectar from elderberries that she had also made to put in our drinks to feel better. We proceeded to devour ALL! the strawberries and drank plenty of water containing the nectar of the gods. It could be poison but we didn't care. Fully rejuvenated, we began discussing what we could do for them for all their kindness... *KNOCK* KNOCK* "Oh hey, I don't want to bother you, but just wanted to see if you wanted to go on a boat ride to see the Alps in Sueddeutschland for our vacation beginning of July?" 
So, yes, Fairy Godlandlords are real. And ours were SERIOUSLY da BOMB.
They also let me name their cute little kitten: 'widdle Pirelli.  

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