Monday, May 15, 2017

Ides of May

This blog will mark the second appearance of Twitch, along with theme music. ((The song reminds me of him as it always on the Project, a favorite radio station of ours.)) Sidenote, if you've never listened to Emo Night on the Project, you're missing out. It's a gem.

In honor of his birthday, today I bring to you the (almost) tragically hilarious tales of me trying to buy him presents. It's slightly reminiscent of all the times I ask questions while we watch movies .... five seconds before the movie answers it. It's a gift.

We'll start with Valentine's day. Over Christmas, we went to a friend of mine's holiday festivities where we played board games.
((Let me tell you h'wut: J loves board games. So in his head or perhaps on his Amazon wish list, he keeps a list of all the board games he wants/ needs. I won my way into his heart very quickly when we first started dating by giving him the Oregon Trail. ))

So at this Christmas party, we played Once Upon a Time; a super fun storytelling board game that quickly shot to the top of his list. So I decide to get it for him. Due to a lot of funny happenstance/ me thinking I was getting a good deal, I accidentally bought him an expansion instead of the whole game on my first attempt. But then I figured it out and ended up getting another extra expansion along with the game. It was great.

Fast forward to the week before Valentine's day. Board games galore on sale on Amazon!! Good...? Bad. Very Bad. Because what if he buys it? So I'm sitting next to him on the couch being as subtle as humanly possible for me (quite a feat honestly), asking probing questions like, "what are you looking at? What are you getting? Oh, that sounds fun." Secretly hoping and praying that they don't add any new selection because Once Upon a Time is currently not offered on their list.

Thankfully, they don't and the gift is a success. Huzzah!!

With a new year brings a new Star Wars, which J and I see with a friend, who is very excited about a limited showing for the anniversary of Princess Mononoke, a Studio Ghibli film I have not seen. We all discuss possibly going to see it but alas it is already sold out. To which J says that he would like to possibly own Studio Ghibli films and expressed hope that Amazon prime would get with it.

{You can possibly see a theme in the way I decide on presents, he says something, then I lie in wait.} So I get online and I find an AMAZING deal on ten Studio Ghibli movies. "Best of." Or so I have come to understand, as I have not seen any of them. But about a month and a half ago Target has a sale on Studio Ghibli movies and he texts me and asks if I think he should buy them. 

He goes on to say that he doesn't have a DVD player, which isn't exactly true. I obviously don't want to sound suspiciously invested but I'm like, oh yeah, maybe just wait till they go on amazon prime? He is luckily very easy to persuade away from buying things but it nearly threw me over the edge. 

So fast forward to his birthday dinner. We had it early because we've been having a couple busy weeks and I'm taking classes three days a week. I decide to pick Alfios, which, if you haven't been, has literally the best ravioli in the world. No hyperbole. 

I put all the ten DVDs into a multipack DVD case because it seemed the best way to store it, and as a side benefit, once I wrapped it he had no idea what it could possibly be since, I quote, "it's too big to be a DVD and not heavy enough to be a VHS... not that that was really a contender, but I shook it and still couldn't figure it out."

The gift went over super well. He loved it. And we now are making our way through all of them. First was My Neighbor Totoro and then we did Spirited Away. I liked them both. 

And so I conclude my tale with a photo series of J laughing so hard at something I said/ I kept taking pictures that he accidentally blew out his birthday candle before he had a chance to make a wish, and we were in stitches over the whole event. 

{{The end!}}

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