Monday, August 19, 2013

Is this a joke?

The universe is pulling all kinds of tricks on me this week. Wanna hear about it?
So last Wednesday, as I was driving home from a meeting downtown, I get a call from my dentist office. "Hey Katie, we have no appointments happening right now, if you wanted to come in now instead of later you could do that." And as I was just passing the Clifton exit, I was like YES, yes I will! *Swerve!* Be there in ten.
So when I arrive at the front desk they lady was like, "No one called you." Umm, yes, they most certainly did. "Well, let's just verify some information, is this your phone number?" Uhh, no, how did you guys call me if you don't even have the right number for me? Curious. But I get the rest of my paperwork and I do get called back in a timely manner. When I sit down in my chair, this cute girl who looks like a blonde Anna Kendrick, is like, "How's it going?"
Well I say, "Someone called me to come here early, which was fine, because I was near by and have nothing else to do today, but no one seems to be fessing up to it."
"I called you! I don't have any appointment for hours, so I figured I'd just call you and see if you could come in earlier. I know, the girls came back and were like, 'there's this girl here who says someone called her to come in early, but we think one of her friends is playing a prank on her.' What? NO! I called her! WHO DOES THAT?"

I mean really friends. How many of you would figure out when I am going to the dentist and call me (presumably using a fake voice) to come in early as a joke. If you would do that... then I admire you even more than I do already. I won't go all Lilo on ya.

So I tell Lori, the really weird thing was that they didn't even have my correct number on file. How did she call me if the number in my file was wrong? "Oh," says she. She called the number. It was a guy. She explained the situation, and the guy on the other end gave her my number. I'm glad my brother just gives my number out to anyone claiming to be from the dentist. I'm just kidding. I really enjoyed this Lori character, I really hope I get her next time. In fact I may even request her specially, just because she cracks me up.

And that was my most recent experience at the dentist.

Then Saturday rolls around. "Thank you for signing up for Cat Facts! You will now receive fun daily facts about CATS! >o<"

Turns out the same brother who gives my number out to the dentist, also signs me up for daily cats facts. Did you know cats can be right-pawed or left-pawed? Now you do.

Now today, Monday morning. I wake up for my 815 eye doctor appointment. I made this appointment like two weeks ago, because I am told I can not purchase new glasses with a four year old prescription. And I want an extra pair before I leave for Africa. So here I am.

I walk in. Sign in. "Name? Date of Birth? Oh I see your appointment has been moved to December."
WHAT? No. What, what, what is this? Are you sure? Can you double check?

"Yes, let's see. You made your appointment on August 6th, and then twenty minutes after you called, someone called back and changed your appointment to December. Does that sound right?"
It most definitely does not. And immediately my mind flicked back to my experience at the dentist.... Is this... a joke? What kind of tomfoolery is this? Unfortunately, now my doctor is completely booked. Luckily, I get to come back in on Wednesday, but I have to have the mean doctor. Which is sad.

I know my life usually seems like a joke 98.7% of the time anyway. But this week was kinda ridic.

I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this at lunch today:

Or this really:

But I think everyone is thinking what I'm thinking:

Ok til next time. I'm finished for today.


  1. This is hilarious. And I love your life! Minus the mean eye doctor part.

  2. I just read this. You crack me up. Where do you even get such perfect gifs?!