Wednesday, February 11, 2015

An Open Letter

An Open Letter to the Girl who was working out next to me at the Gym today:

Dear Workout Buddy,

I'm sorry I'm not sorry that music selection was so good that you had to listen to me sing 80% of the songs that played in our 45 minutes of proximity. I guess I am a little sorry that I got so excited when Christina Aguilera's song "Fighter" came on, I bet myself I couldn't sing the whole song... You witnessed that that challenge was indeed accepted. I'm a little in awe of myself that I remembered EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. If you knew me, you'd understand that I have a terrible memory and this is an awesome feat for me. I guess then I should also apologize for "Blank Space" and "Brave," but mostly for Brave because I absolutely do not have the vocal range of Sara Bareilles.
Must I repeat? The music today was spot on.

I'm also sorry I'm not sorry for being uncharacteristically energetic tonight. I knew you were a newbie to working out, and that you were watching what kind of weight I was doing and whatnot and I challenged myself in order to challenge you. But you put up a valiant effort and in a way that makes us both winners.

Way to keep up champ.

Anyway,  I hope you're not too sore tomorrow and maybe we'll work out in the same proximity again soon.

Yours Truly,

The Girl wearing black from head to toe with neon orange gym shoes

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  1. Love this :)

    Your blog is EXCELLENT for re-reading... and you should post more open letters/ funny stories!